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By: D.Duke August 20, 2014
Verified Purchase of HS300
I mainly purchased this product for surveillance of the two legged kind vs. the four legged. This unit is in a small package and is built very solid.
It is a 5, 8 or 12 mega pixel camera which give me very nice picture that I'm able to zoom in on without the picture becoming blurry. On one occasion I was even able to zoom in on a uniform and ID the person from their badge name and number. The IR flash is very powerful and in fact in some instances may even be too powerful. When used in an area with not much depth I needed to place the IR selector switch, which allows for only the top 19 LEDs to be used.

The video portion of this camera works as advertised. Very clear picture day and night but again need to watch the IR's in small places for over exposure. The sound quality and sensitivity is outstanding. Able to hear conversation well outside the video area.

I give this product a 5 star rating because it was built for watching game, outdoors and it does exactly what it is suppose to do. I'm using it for something it wasn't intended to be used for and with a little practice was able to adjust it to meet my needs perfectly.
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By: Murph on August 6, 2014
Verified Purchase of HS300
I bought this more for monitoring my home than for game, been a lot of break-ins lately. I've been very impressed with it so far.
Pictures come out very clear with great colors, and the night shots look good too. So far I've only caught neighbors looking around, but did get some great pictures of them. lol! It's easy to program and after a month the batteries are still going strong.
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By: Leigh Welsley on January 12, 2014
Verifired Purchase of HS200
This Unit is really cool. It records Pictures in burst and video & SOUND. I really like that attribute. Really easy to use and has zoom options.
I like to use mine for hunting and security reasons. With the zoom you can post these up high and zoom down to catch license plates when people trespass on land.I have that issue a lot. Seems to hold charge well AND USES 8 AA BATTERIES... Problem with big batteries is that they don't sell well at stores and by the time you buy them they are half drained. "AA" is way better. I need to buy a 12v battery and test it out on this. My last one finally died.
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By: S. DiCastro June 16, 2014
Verified Purchase of HS200
This thing is great!
I bought this to get candid pictures of the wildlife that lives in and around my yard, and it has done a great job. It's easy to use/program, and takes both still pics and video with sound.
It comes with a tree-strap. (8) AA batteries have been in it for about a month, with no sign of weakening yet. It also has very effective night/IR capabilities. I'm going to try to post a picture that it took of a grey fox standing on a boulder - if you see it, it's mine. It uses standard SD camera cards, and takes pics in JPEG format, so it's easy to get the pics onto my Mac. Very pleased.
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By: B. Price of Foristell, MO
Verified Customer Service Phone In
Thank you so very much for brightening my day with your professionalism and gracious disposition.
It is suc a blessing to realize, in this crazy world that there are still companies like yours that care about others.
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By: M. Overling of Shasta Lake, CA
Verified Customer Service Ticket No. 12137
Thank you for suck a timely response. You are not only greatly needed by people like myself but I am truly grateful for your present understanding of my situation.
We have had many break-ins lately and I have lost hundreds of dollars of valuable farm feed. I’ll be thinking of you and Recon Outdoors as I complete setting up surveillance of my farm land.
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By: T. Kubiaczyk of Deerbrook, WI , August 15, 2012
Verified Purchase of HS200
WOW! I have spent thousands on game cameras over the past eight years and have finally found a company that has exactly what I need for game scouting in the
extreme temperatures of Wisconsin. Thank you Recon Outdoors.
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By: J. Upton of Lawrenceville, GA
Verified Purchase of Recon Outdoors 2 Man Ladder System
Recon Outdoors you made a believer out of me. I have been a firm burlap material guy for over 20 years but I had to write in and let you know that
the Bushy Ridge 2-Man ladder system you sent me is now three years old and looks exactly like the day I bought it.
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By: D. Roxby of Gurley, AL
Verified Purchase of HS300 Cameras and Recon Outdoors ATV Cover
I have been a longtime customer of Recon Outdoors but the new HS300 camera is by far your best camera yet. I have purchased 11 of these
cameras to cover my hunting property with 8 green fields in Jackson County and to secure my home while I am gone hunting. Thank you Recon for continuing to upgrade your products to meet both my scouting and security needs.
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By: Dr. James,Rotenburg of Univ. of North Carolina, Wilmington (National Geographic)
Verified Purchase of HS300 Cameras
Just a quick shout out to say thank you Recon Outdoors. The HS300 camera series has taken images of our eagles from birth to flight that we could have never completed
without the infra-red technology and stealth of this camera.
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