5 Reasons Women Should Hunt

Anyone out there recall the 1950s film, Annie Get Your Gun? Maybe this line will jog your memory: “Anything you can do, I can do better; I can do anything better than you.”

The performance of this song was a pivotal moment in the film in which the characters of Annie Oakley and Frank Butler (both famed and very capable sharpshooters in real life) challenged each other to increasingly difficult tasks. And while Annie sang “You Can’t Get a Man with a Gun,” we’re begging the question: who needs one? There are plenty of reasons why women should hunt and shoot that don’t include impressing a man.

Female Hunter with BuckThese days, more and more women are putting on their camouflage, picking up their bows and guns, and heading to the field. Here are just a few reasons why you should do the same:

Eat clean

You can head to your local grocery store and pay a premium on a few pieces of quality meat, or you can head to the woods and bag your own free-range, hormone-free, organic, and sustainable meat. When you hunt for food, you know exactly what you’re feeding your family and where it came from. There’s none of the mystery that comes with purchasing commercial meat.

Bond with family and friends

Maybe you had a parent or grandparent who took you on hunts when you were little. Maybe you married a hunter and interest sprung when trying to find ways to spend time with one another. Studies have shown that a high percentage of female hunters get involved with the sport as a means of spending more time with loved ones. While the physical act of firing a gun or shooting an arrow is done solo, the camaraderie that comes with celebrating a successful hunt is something that every avid hunter enjoys. Even if you walk away empty handed, at least you can say you got to spend a day outdoors bonding with someone you care about.

Spend more time outside

Between responsibilities at home and at work, most of us are required to spend our time indoors. With everything so go, go, go and high-stress in our daily lives, we don’t get many opportunities to slow down and enjoy time in nature. Hunting gives us at least one. It’s no secret that spending time in nature has proved helpful in reducing stress, boosting happiness, and increasing energy. Hunting is a great way to log more outdoor time and get a bit of exercise in – no gym membership required.

Take on new challenges and feel the rush of adrenaline

Female Hunter with Rifle

Make no mistake about it, hunting is no easy task. It’s not sitting in a tree stand until a sizeable buck happens to walk right under your nose, lining itself up perfectly for a one-and-done shot. Sometimes hunting involves hiking for miles in difficult terrain to stalk your prey, or challenging your mental and physical endurance by spending hours outside in freezing temps. It involves careful calculation and precision to ensure the shot you take actually hits the mark rather than scaring off the target or leaving it non-fatally wounded. When you hunt, you’ll push your limits and accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

Help the environment

Many people believe that women are too emotional to hunt; that their true purpose is to be nurturers and not killers. But women are smarter than this. They understand how hunting is a means of nurturing the natural balance of our environment. By hunting, you’ll be contributing to population control, preventing disproportionate sources of food in a given area, and aiding conservation efforts. Funds from the sale of hunting tags, licenses, and some hunting equipment go directly to wildlife conservation efforts, thanks to the Pittman-Robertson Act that was signed by FDR in 1937. As much as some believe hunters take from the environment, they give back tenfold.

Here’s a bonus reason…

Because you want to. While it’s great to challenge gender stereotypes and show everyone that women can be excellent hunters, truth be told, women don’t need to give a reason why they want to hunt.

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