Christmas Gift Ideas for Hunters: Our Top Picks

Have an avid hunter on your holiday shopping list this year? It’s never too late to stock up on all their must-have favorites for out in the field! As you continue your hunt for the perfect gift (pun intended), consider some of our top suggestions based on the high-quality, tested and trusted hunting equipment available through Recon Outdoors—just in case that prize buck doesn’t fit under the family Christmas tree. Bonus? Many of these great products are currently on sale!

Hunting Bags

Recon Outdoors Drawstring Backpack

A lightweight drawstring backpack embossed with the Recon Outdoors logo is the ideal gift for a hunter on the go. It’s made of 100% thick polyester for maximum quiet in the woods, and its quick closure drawstring cords make it a cinch (sorry, another pun) to store hunting accessories quickly and easily. With sturdy draw cord shoulder straps, it leaves your hands free for carrying your rifle, climbing into a stand, field-dressing game—or heading to the gym, boarding a plane, or hitting the trail for a hike. The Recon Outdoors drawstring backpack is also 25 percent off now until Christmas day, including free shipping.



Camo Hunting Hats

Recon Outdoors Ball Cap

Everyone needs a great camo hat out in the field, but the Recon Outdoors camo ball cap makes it easy to look good going to and from the field. The perfect gift for hunters of all ages, this cap features an adjustable band and can even fit over a knit cap for the coldest days of the hunting season. This cap is a great balance of function and style with a camouflage pattern and cotton embroidery. Also 25 percent off for the holiday season.




Scent Control and Elimination Products

OG-1 Hunting Scent & Odor Elimination System

As any hunter will tell you, scent elimination is the key to a successful hunt. For a special treat, have Santa deliver our OG-1 Hunting Scent & Odor Elimination System to your favorite hunter. It destroys biological contaminants that cause scents such as sweat, smoke, detergent and food odors, without any harmful by-products. Deodorize your musty basement, hunting cabin, RV, etc. —all for 25 percent off.




A Recon Outdoors Trail Camera

Recon HS120 Trail/Game Camera

At Recon Outdoors, we are known for the superior quality of our trail cameras. We know just as much as you do how important proper reconnaissance is when it comes to tracking and patterning the movement of animals on your land. No matter your holiday shopping budget, you’re sure to find the perfect trail camera among the Recon Outdoors HS Series.

At just $79.99 (with an extra 25 percent off for the holiday), the Recon HS120 trail camera is a small investment that pays big dividends in the field. It’s quick on the draw, with a less-than-one-second trigger and features a 60-plus foot flash range—an uncommonly large range at this price.



Recon HS410 High Performance Hunting Trail Camera

Looking to spoil someone? Gift the Recon HS410 High-Performance Hunting Trail Camera, which sets a new benchmark for reliability and performance. Your favorite hunter will always know what the game is up to with its crystal-clear photos and videos, and he or she will love all of its state-of-the-art features.

Whichever camera you choose, don’t forget to add a trail camera lock from Master Lock to protect your gift against theft and damage. It offers maximum strength and flexibility from a trusted brand.


Hunting-Themed Stocking Stuffers

French Creek Hardwood Buck Grunts

Ensure a successful hunt for your friends, family and coworkers with these fun stocking stuffers.

Handcrafted in the hills of West Virginia by veteran craftsman Dave Klingensmith, French Creek Hardwood Buck Grunts will bring in the big bucks! This product is made from domestic hardwood for deep, throaty grunts with extra-loud volume, and comes with a lifetime warranty.




French Creek Turkey Calls

If your favorite hunter prefers turkey to deer, Klingensmith also makes individually hand-tuned turkey calls from domestic and exotic wood choices. While these calls are not included in our current promotion, both are available at a great price.

Hit a Christmas bull’s eye with gifts from Recon Outdoors that are sure to please every hunter on your list. Remember, from now through December 25th, all purchases of apparel, trail cameras and scent eliminators are 25 percent off and come with free shipping.

Don’t wait—shop today and use code NEXTSHOT at checkout!

Your successful hunting adventure begins here. Browse online or call 866-647-3266 to learn more about our top-quality hunting products.

Calling All Bucks: How & When to Use a Buck Grunt Call

Do you use buck grunts early in deer hunting season? This is a question we posed to our readers in 2017 and we discovered that over 85% of our readers use buck grunts throughout their entire hunting season.

We love to hear that so many of our customers are choosing to take advantage of the valuable hunting equipment available to them. However, we think that, in addition to purchasing a call that has all the essential features of a high-quality buck grunt, it’s important to recognize that certain hunting equipment can be useless if you don’t know when and how to use it.

Whitetail Deer Hunting Season

So how and when should you use the buck grunt?

Whitetails vocalize. Period. They use a variety of sounds to communicate socially important information to other whitetails. These communicative sounds vary in pitch and intensity which can send different messages. Fortunately, we can imitate these sounds to call bucks into us with the right equipment.

A great time to utilize your buck grunt call is during the fall months and breeding season. During peak rut bucks are on the prowl, sparring with other bucks, rubbing trees and creating scrapes. They are eager seeking out does, as well as answering the calls of bucks looking to challenge their dominance. This is probably the best time to use your grunt call, as bucks are on high alert and ready to respond. Making the right sound at the right time can be an exciting way to fill a tag and put a trophy on the wall!

How loud should I blow my buck call?

This short answer, “Make the sound the same volume that a real whitetail would.” Experience is the best teacher. Adult deer communicate through grunts, bleats, bawls, snorts, and wheezes with the two most common sounds being the grunt and bleat. Varying the tone, length or volume of these sounds give them totally different meanings.

Bucks and does make both grunts and bleats. However, I believe it is equally important to understand that our ears (human ears) are much more developed than the ear drum of whitetail. We can with human ears distinguish higher and lower pitches far better, but because of the shape of whitetail ears, they can pinpoint the location of the sound much better. The ability to produce the right sound, will bring the advantage you need to call them in closer.

How do I produce the different sounds?

Two common vocalizations used by most hunters are the “contact bleat” and “attention grunt.” The contact bleat is a socialization bleat to let others know you are in the area. The contact bleat is usually a slightly higher pitch and in short durations. The “attention grunt” takes this a step further and tells other whitetail in the area “here I am, come to me.” Both of these sounds can be made on a number of blown-through, adjustable O-ring type calls, like Recon Outdoors French Creek Hardwood Buck Grunts.

The most common vocalization that we hear throughout the breeding season is a “tending grunt.” The tending grunt differs from the attention grunt in that the sound is more nasally and smooth whereas the attention grunt has a throaty, quick staccato nature. The tending grunt is made by bucks following an estrus doe (doe in heat) or when following a trail made by an estrus doe or during the chase phase of the rut. I have personally never had much luck using a “tending grunt” when calling a buck off the trail of an estrus doe during the rut. They seem very preoccupied.

Aggressive sounds like the “wheeze” or “aggravated-grunt” have been my go-to sounds when calling in mature bucks. This sound is a long, drawn-out grunt that is phrased like a growl. This growl-grunt is the sound often heard before a confrontation between two mature bucks. During confrontation the buck’s hairs will bristle up, they begin doing a stiff-legged walk beginning to imitate their opponent. Aggressive grunts are used to send a message to the other buck that, “Hey buddy I am king here, hit the trail.”

Less aggressive sounds, like the “bawl,” are known for more social communication among whitetail. This sound is not distressed but more along the lines of a mature bleat; the sound one would hear from a fawn. The best “bawl” is a noise imitating the sound of sheep, more so than a whitetail. Late in the season after the rut is the only time I have ever had any success with this call.

Keep your ears open and listen. Experience is the best teacher, so listening to whitetail communicate for yourself is always the best way to learn how and when to use your buck grunt call. There is no doubt whitetail are social animals, and the buck grunts are one tool we can all use to get closer to them.

Remember, at Recon Outdoors we know hunters because we are hunters. Visit our website to see all the field-tested and approved hunting equipment we have to offer.


Happy Hunting!

Tina Martinson, CEO of Recon Outdoors

Essential Buck Grunt Call Features for Deer Hunting

Many people make the mistake of thinking if you’re skilled at tracking game and shooting accurately, you’re bound to have a successful whitetail deer hunting trip every time. While that would be nice, there’s a little bit more involved with this sport. In addition to a quality firearm, good hunters are always armed with patience and a great “toolbox” of hunting equipment.

With the amount of tested and trusted hunting gear available at your fingertips, I ask, why wouldn’t you utilize any tool available to bag that buck? After all, it was this way of thinking that first sparked the idea of Recon Outdoors; my love for hunting and finding every advantage necessary to make each hunt successful.

French Creek Hardwood Buck Grunts

One extremely valuable piece of hunting equipment for deer season is a high-quality buck grunt call.

Haven’t used buck grunt calls to your advantage yet? You should! A lot of deer hunters shy away from using deer calls because they think they’ll actually scare away whitetails rather than attract them. The trick is to confident, not only in how to properly use buck grunt calls, but in the tool itself. Here are some key features to be mindful of when purchasing this important part of your hunting equipment toolbox.

Realistic sounds

The first quality that your grunt call needs is realistic sounds.  No matter what kind of call you choose, it’s useless if it doesn’t create sound that accurately imitates real deer sounds.

Ability to make adjustments

The ability to adjust your buck grunt calls for a variety of different sounds if very important. Just as every human voice is different, deer have a variety of grunts from a low-throat sound to a sound that is richer in tonality. Besides creating realistic buck grunt sounds, creating the bleat of a fawn or the sound of a doe is also advantageous.

Take a look at the banded reed calls with flexible tubing sold by Recon Outdoors as an example. The flexible tubing allows you to change the depth (tone) and volume of the sound in a range of grunts while movement of the band around the metal reed provides the option of frequency or pitch to bring about realistic bleats and doe sounds.

Ease of use

Ease of use is vital out in the field. The mouthpiece should be easy to remove, and the call should come with a lanyard to keep it close while you’re sitting in the stand. I always look for an easy-to-remove mouthpiece, so I can easily change the band levels depending on what (does, fawns, or bucks) I am looking to call in for that particular hunt.

Now that you know the general features and characteristics that your grunt call needs to have, I highly recommend the French Creek Hardwood Buck Calls available at Recon Outdoors. Not only is this call versatile, but it can reach a wide area with louder grunts. These units are meticulously produced one at a time by a true artisan using only the best materials, including a metal reed that will not deteriorate. These are the best handmade calls on the market and come with a lifetime guarantee.

So, all things considered, if you’re questioning whether you should use a buck grunt call or not, the answer is always YES! Call them for the advantage you need to have a successful hunt.

Happy Hunting from Recon Outdoors!

Preparing Venison the Right Way

One of the best parts of hunting whitetail deer is being able to enjoy the venison afterward. Deer are not raised on a ranch somewhere, pumped full of antibiotics and hormones like some of the meats you find in your local grocery store. They are free-ranging herbivores that consume natural plants, grass, berries, acorns, and nuts. As such, their meat is lower in fat and cholesterol than other types of meat and has more vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. It’s also extremely delicious—if you manage to prepare it right.

Prepare venison like a pro with these tips:

Start in the field

For starters, a clean kill shot is the way to go. Not only do you want to keep the animal from prolonged suffering, the stress and adrenaline a wounded deer feels can be reflected in the flavor of its meat. As soon as it’s officially down, make quick work of removing the organs and entrails to stave off the decomposition process. Get the meat cooling ASAP, and once in the processing stage, be sure to remove anything that’s not muscle to ensure the best chance at a tender cut of meat.

Venison Stew

Age the meat

Aging venison is the key to getting tender meat with good texture. Not taking your meat to a processing facility? No problem; you can easily age the meat yourself at home. If you choose to dry age, remember that proper ventilation and a consistent temperature of 34-37 degrees is vital. A simple way to achieve this could be to purchase a large plastic bin, poke holes through the side, and lay your butchered meat inside on a cooling rack. This way the blood can freely drip to the bottom of the container and stay separated from the venison. Allow the meat to sit like this in a refrigerator for up to 14 days, emptying the blood out every few days.

If you need a quicker age on the meat, leaving it in a cooler after removal from the bone and covering it in salt and ice will do the trick.  Once the ice has melted (usually 24 hours later) drain the bloody mix off the meat and re-salt/ice again. This process usually takes about 48-72 hours. The aging time under refrigeration can be lessened to 3–7 days.

Tenderize for maximum flavor

There are quite a few ways to tenderize venison meat. Some of the more popular options include creating a simple dry rub, brining, or marinating the tougher cuts to ensure juicy, flavorful meat every time. Regardless of which one of these methods you choose to go with, kosher salt is always a good spice to add to the mix. Its properties are known to break down protein and improve the texture of venison by breaking down fibers and connective tissue in the muscles. A meat mallet is also capable of this, so having one on hand in the kitchen is a definite advantage.

Remember, venison is not beef

Here’s where people often make their biggest mistake. You can prep the meat to the best of your ability, but if you approach the cooking stage incorrectly it can all be for nothing. Do not treat your cuts of venison like you would a cut of beef. Unlike cattle, which is typically raised on a ranch with a corn-fed diet, whitetail deer spend their lives roaming freely and foraging on natural plants. Because of this, their meat is much leaner and does not have the same cook time as beef.

Hunting whitetail deer is so much more than just a means to an adrenaline rush. If you’re lucky enough to bag a buck and harvest its meat, there nothing better than being able to feed your family with it. Especially when you know it’s one of the healthiest options available and has zero percent of those fillers you find at your average butcher counter.

If that doesn’t get you amped up for the hunting season, we don’t know what will. So what are you waiting for? Grab your Recon Outdoors hunting gear and head to the woods!

How to Get More Whitetail Bone Growth

Antlers!!  This is what we all want to see and the bigger, the Whitetail Deer with Large Antlersbetter.

According to the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA), antlers are the most talked about, researched, and recognized characteristic of whitetail deer.  Hunters spend countless dollars each year to aide in the bone growth of resident deer to grow larger bodies and antlers.

Anatomy of the Antler

Pedicles are the two plates connected to the top of the skull where antler development begins. Length of the days and fluctuations in testosterone levels stimulate and regulate all functions of antler development from growth to hardening.  The burr is the base of the antler, connected to the pedicles and the main beam grows upward and outward from the burr.  During the spring, as antlers are forming, the antlers have a high blood flow, which is necessary to provide the proper nutrients and oxygen to fast-growing tissue. A protective velvet will form during this time period to protect this sensitive and vulnerable area.

Mineral/Vitamin Attractants for Bone Growth

Growing antlers are mostly formed of proteins; whereas hardened antlers contain equal amounts of proteins and minerals. Studies have shown that calcium and phosphorus, two powerful minerals contained in Earthquake Outdoors Mineral Attractant, are the two most common minerals in deer antlers.  Because of the large number of minerals required, whitetails have developed the ability to “store” calcium and phosphorus in their bones and then transfer them during antler growth.

Yet, these body sources of calcium and phosphorus provide only a portion of what’s needed for ideal antler growth. The rest must come directly from the whitetail’s diet, therefore making supplementation necessary prior to and during antler growth.

Minerals are also important during gestation and lactation, as these time periods have a high requirement for salt, calcium, and magnesium.

Improve Deer Antler Size with Mineral Attractant

Types of Mineral Attractants

  • Food additive – these minerals are mixed with a supplement feed, and deer get the minerals while consuming the feed.
  • Blocks – these are commercial mineral blocks that are usually placed on the ground or a stump. The deer consume the minerals by licking the block or consuming the soil below. Research shows that blocks are the least effective way for deer to get supplemental minerals.
  • Granular – these minerals are incorporated into the soil. The deer get them by consuming the minerals and/or soil mixture.  Research shows granular minerals facilitate increased consumption, as they are literally able to eat versus lick the mixture.

The health of the herd is a significant concern for many private landowners. If you have not added mineral attractants to your overall herd management program, why wait?  While there have been many studies on the advantages of mineral supplementation, the key is to have realistic expectations and understand that supplementation is just one part of a successful management program. For more advice on quality deer management, check out QDMA.

5 Reasons Women Should Hunt

Anyone out there recall the 1950s film, Annie Get Your Gun? Maybe this line will jog your memory: “Anything you can do, I can do better; I can do anything better than you.”

The performance of this song was a pivotal moment in the film in which the characters of Annie Oakley and Frank Butler (both famed and very capable sharpshooters in real life) challenged each other to increasingly difficult tasks. And while Annie sang “You Can’t Get a Man with a Gun,” we’re begging the question: who needs one? There are plenty of reasons why women should hunt and shoot that don’t include impressing a man.

Female Hunter with BuckThese days, more and more women are putting on their camouflage, picking up their bows and guns, and heading to the field. Here are just a few reasons why you should do the same:

Eat clean

You can head to your local grocery store and pay a premium on a few pieces of quality meat, or you can head to the woods and bag your own free-range, hormone-free, organic, and sustainable meat. When you hunt for food, you know exactly what you’re feeding your family and where it came from. There’s none of the mystery that comes with purchasing commercial meat.

Bond with family and friends

Maybe you had a parent or grandparent who took you on hunts when you were little. Maybe you married a hunter and interest sprung when trying to find ways to spend time with one another. Studies have shown that a high percentage of female hunters get involved with the sport as a means of spending more time with loved ones. While the physical act of firing a gun or shooting an arrow is done solo, the camaraderie that comes with celebrating a successful hunt is something that every avid hunter enjoys. Even if you walk away empty handed, at least you can say you got to spend a day outdoors bonding with someone you care about.

Spend more time outside

Between responsibilities at home and at work, most of us are required to spend our time indoors. With everything so go, go, go and high-stress in our daily lives, we don’t get many opportunities to slow down and enjoy time in nature. Hunting gives us at least one. It’s no secret that spending time in nature has proved helpful in reducing stress, boosting happiness, and increasing energy. Hunting is a great way to log more outdoor time and get a bit of exercise in – no gym membership required.

Take on new challenges and feel the rush of adrenaline

Female Hunter with Rifle

Make no mistake about it, hunting is no easy task. It’s not sitting in a tree stand until a sizeable buck happens to walk right under your nose, lining itself up perfectly for a one-and-done shot. Sometimes hunting involves hiking for miles in difficult terrain to stalk your prey, or challenging your mental and physical endurance by spending hours outside in freezing temps. It involves careful calculation and precision to ensure the shot you take actually hits the mark rather than scaring off the target or leaving it non-fatally wounded. When you hunt, you’ll push your limits and accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

Help the environment

Many people believe that women are too emotional to hunt; that their true purpose is to be nurturers and not killers. But women are smarter than this. They understand how hunting is a means of nurturing the natural balance of our environment. By hunting, you’ll be contributing to population control, preventing disproportionate sources of food in a given area, and aiding conservation efforts. Funds from the sale of hunting tags, licenses, and some hunting equipment go directly to wildlife conservation efforts, thanks to the Pittman-Robertson Act that was signed by FDR in 1937. As much as some believe hunters take from the environment, they give back tenfold.

Here’s a bonus reason…

Because you want to. While it’s great to challenge gender stereotypes and show everyone that women can be excellent hunters, truth be told, women don’t need to give a reason why they want to hunt.

Recon Outdoors is a female-owned business that celebrates and supports anyone – man or woman – who wants to get out in the field and enjoy the benefits of responsible hunting. Shop our site today and allow us to join you on your next trip to the tree stand!

Bow Up this Season

Whether you are a seasoned bow hunter or just getting started, you can’t go wrong with this list of tried and trusted 2019 bow hunting gear.  The companies listed below understand what hunters need out in the field and produce high-quality products to accommodate. After thorough testing conducted by our own CEO here at Recon Outdoors, we are confident that each of these products will bring success to your upcoming hunting season.

Bow Season Gear: Bear Archery KUMA 30 Compound Bow

Bear Archery KUMA 30 Compound Bow


Part of Bear’s dealer-only Legend Series, the Kuma 30 brings both speed and comfort in a smaller, lighter package. This hybrid-cam bow launches arrows at 345 FPS and features a super smooth draw cycle while retaining accuracy. Featuring the Bear Cage machining technique, the rigid 1-inch thick forged riser has been strategically hollowed out to lighten the load, yet still presents side-to-side flex.


Side Note: This bow is our CEO’s favorite. Check them out at





Millennium L205 Double Ladder StandMillennium Treestands


Millennium is committed to raising the bar on comfort and convenience for every outdoorsman or woman. If you want extreme comfort, stealth, and durability, the Millennium L105 Single Stand and L205 Double Ladder Stand give you every feature you need for comfortable and quiet seating.

These stands include an anti-flex bridge support system for rock solid stability, eliminating the need for a tree brace.

They also provide room for 360-degree views of your hunting area, which places you at a huge advantage to spot and zero in on your target.

Check these stands and options out at




Recon Outdoors Ladder Stand Covers for Bow Hunting Season

Recon Outdoors 1- and 2-Man Ladder Stand Covers

A great ladder stand needs a great cover! At Recon Outdoors we pride ourselves on having the BEST 3D Leafcut camouflage hunting blinds on the market.  We are so sure you are going to love it, we offer a 5-year warranty on all stand covers.

This portable, quiet, and rustle-free material has a secret formula coating mixed with a UV protectant to ensure against rot, mold, mildew, fading, and tearing. You may never have to buy another ladder stand cover again.





Earthquake Mineral Attractants for Bow Hunters

Earthquake Mineral Attractants

New to the scene for 2019 is Earthquake Mineral Attractants, located in Shelbyville, TN. Backed by biology and military veterans who also happen to hunt, this team is producing the highest quality products for deer nutrition. Their flagship product has the highest level of nutrition at 24. 5% calcium, 4% phosphorus, and vitamins A, D, and E. The Best News: Earthquake Mineral Attractants only contains 21.5% salt, which is unheard of in the attractant industry.

If you are looking to grow bigger deer with bigger racks and overall larger body mass, these guys have the state records to prove they are doing it right. This product also comes with a Money Back Guarantee!




Recon Outdoors HS410 Trail CameraRecon Outdoors HS410 Trail Camera

No successful hunt comes easy, so why not give yourself an advantage by using Recon Outdoors Trail Cameras. We were the first company to introduce infrared into the hunting industry and we are still the best. Offering a variety of cameras and using the latest technology, Recon Outdoors produces cameras that will not disappoint in the field. The HS410 Trail Camera has a variety of features and is by far our top selling unit. The built-in viewing screen, 12MP camera, and HD video recording with sound are just a few of the features offered in this unit.

Following a great product is our level of customer service, which we take very seriously. Each of our customer service reps is instilled with the core values of our company, as well as the ability to make independent decisions to service our customers and their needs.

Different Features of Trail Cameras

Choosing which trail camera you need is no easy task considering the market is flooded with everything from a basic picture-taking camera to cellular cameras. Recon Outdoors has been manufacturing trail cameras since 2004 and we want to help clarify which features are important to keep in mind, such as motion detection, resolution, distance, sharpness, and pixels. Depending on your setup location, you may also want to consider the inconspicuous nature of the camera when placed in the woods. So, we have prepared a list for you to help zero in on different trail camera features and find one that suits your needs perfectly!Recon HS410 High Performance Hunting Trail Camera

Wireless Wi-Fi Camera

If remote surveillance is what you need, then wireless cameras are a great choice. Wireless cameras have built-in transmitters, which relay images using a wireless network. Wi-Fi cameras are relevant to today’s times and are user-friendly.  They have fewer attachments and no wires, which is an appealing feature for indoor or semi-indoor use.


  • Simple installation.
  • Easy to operate.
  • The relay of pictures is facilitated by the Wi-Fi feature without the use of cords or other attachments.
  • Wi-Fi IR cameras are wireless and great for being undetected, especially if using the Black IR option.


  • The main disadvantage of these cameras is that they require a lot of power to stay connected to the Wi-Fi network. This can hamper the battery life. For this reason, you might want to consider Wi-Fi cameras that have external battery jacks or solar power source.
  • Wi-Fi signals are limited and cannot travel very far. Further, connectivity can be reduced by bad weather or difficult landscapes.

Infrared Cameras

Infrared cameras are best when you want to track and record day and night, as this technology allows for round the clock surveillance in the woods.  No camera is better than the infrared, and fun fact—Recon Outdoors was actually the first to bring it to the hunting industry, moving away from the bright-white flash cameras used at the time. There is no camera better than infrared for hunting surveillance.

Recon HS110 Dark IR Trail/Game Camera

These cameras have high resolution and capture night images with great clarity, and an endless supply of pictures and videos can be stored on simple-to-use SD cards.  Infrared cameras, also known as IR cameras, are fitted with sensors that automatically switch the infrared function on and off, allowing use of this technology from dusk to dawn.  These camera are used extensively in not only hunting, but all wildlife due to the friendliness towards nighttime or dim light shots.  Today’s hunter has the choice to use black IR or white IR, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of IR Cameras

  • Nighttime or low-light images can be taken with much clarity while the IR light produces no color or “burn.”
  • Infrared cameras of this type are sturdy and can withstand tampering due to their hard case and sealed single unit.
  • These trail cameras are easy to setup and install.
  • Increased size of LEDs available in IR cameras has allowed for extended viewing range of the camera for nighttime pictures and recordings.
  • White LEDs provide the greatest distance for nighttime illumination during picture and video recordings.
  • Black LEDs provide no glow and therefore are great when you want them to be undetected.


  • LED lights are the source of “light” to illuminate for nighttime or low light recording, so use of these cameras around reflective surfaces or at close range (less than 15 feet) has its limitations. The picture captured is just a white-out, leaving much disappointment to the viewer.
  • White LEDs have a quick, red, low glow that can be seen by the human eye, but as animals are color-blind this has no effect in use for hunting wild game.
  • No glow, or Black IRs, when mounted in IR cameras will provide the same picture and video quality. However, due to no “burn” of the IRs, the distance for recording will be less than use of white LEDs.

Cellular Trail Cameras

Cellular cameras record images and transmit them to your phone through the internet. A sim card is inserted into the camera’s slot and used just like a cell phone would use it.  Most of these camera work on GSM networks, requiring you to buy a data package for the sim. These cameras are similar to Wi-Fi in the way that there are no wires or additional attachments necessary for operation.


  • These cameras are compact and ideal for outdoor and/or indoor use.
  • Cameras are portable and can be used anywhere a cell phone signal is available.
  • Cameras are manufactured with all the features of infrared imaging, motion detection, and remain inconspicuous in the woods.


  • The biggest disadvantage is these cameras run on batteries, so again your power source could become a problem depending on the amount of transmissions you are receiving.
  • The sim needs a service provider, so addition costs will be added through additional data needed.
  • If your service provider does not have a clear signal where your cameras are setup you, dropped or lost transmissions may occur, just like with a cell phone call.
  • Since cellular cameras use the internet, they can be hacked, leaving your location and data unsafeguarded.

Recon Outdoors offers a variety of hunting cameras and other products to help you have successful hunting adventures.  Our cameras vary from our low-cost HS 110/120 Series camera to our higher-end cameras like the HS410.  At Recon Outdoors, we are also hunters and believe in not only providing excellent products but education in all hunting products.

To find out more about Recon Outdoors and our great product line, just click here.

Can an Ozone Generator be used for Scent Elimination?

Unfortunately, there is no escaping odors and allergens in your home. They can be caused from moisture, mold, pollen, pets, smoke—the list goes on and on!  There are thousands of bacteria that cause odors, and moisture makes it much worse, bringing about mold and mildew that can cause any homeowner damage.

You could pay thousands to hire professionals to remove these odors, but one of the most common solutions to control home odors is ozone generation.  These scent elimination machines can be dangerous if used improperly, but so can a rubber band.  Ozone generating machines are very capable of cleaning your air by removing bacteria-causing odors and allergens.

Eliminate Home Odors with Recon Outdoors Ozone Generator MachinesThey have been banned in the state of California, but with the right information and education you can make a healthier, cleaner environment for you and your family. Nationally known companies have been using these machines for years to remove pet odors, mold and mildew, fire and smoke smell from damaged homes and much more.

Now this technology is available to you, with no expensive replacement filters and machines to fit the size of your living space.

What is Ozone?

Many of us have heard about the eroding “ozone layer” in the earth’s atmosphere. Granted, this layer is necessary to protect earth and its inhabitants from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Ozone is a biocidal, which is defined by the Environmental Protection Agency as “a chemical substance or microorganism intended to destroy, deter, render harmless, or exert a controlling effect on any harmful organisms by chemical or biological means”.

Basically, ozone kills biological and bacterial contaminants in the air, making it a great air purifier.

How does an Ozone Generator eliminate odors?

Ozone generators do exactly what the name says – generate ozone. The ozone produced by these machines will destroy all of the odor-causing bacteria that is floating in your environment, including smoke and mold.

Many claim that ozone is toxic to humans, however, ozone breaks down naturally and quickly into safe, breathable oxygen.  Remembering always that these generators must be used responsibly and keep in mind that you can’t be in the same room while larger machines are in operation.

What are the Best Ozone Generators for Scent Elimination?

This is somewhat difficult to say which ones are the best, as there are so many on the market in different shapes and sizes.  Educating yourself on the particulars of each machine will help you make the best choice for you and your family.

Some of these machines use marketing tactics to advertise more plates, as well as multiple filtering processes.  The plates are used to split the oxygen molecules to create ozone, so multiple plates create faster rates of ozone, but this really does not make a difference.

A basic consideration when reading up on these machines should be the size of the space you are planning to use the machine in.

Ozone Generators for Sale by Recon Outdoors


Recon Outdoors OG-2


If you really want to get rid of the odors in your home or office, consider this commercial-grade ozone generator from Recon Outdoors. A single unit can treat a 3,000 sq. ft. home or office with commercial settings where odor control and sanitary conditions are a particular concern.  This unit is equipped with advanced oxidation and a germicidal ultraviolet light to eliminate strong odors and pollutants quickly.

This machine comes with three operating modes and a precision-engineered timer to allow full customization settings.




Recon Outdoors OG-1

OG-1 – Hunting Scent & Odor Elimination System

This little guy is compact and portable standing at 6” high. Simple operation of this unit allows anyone to place the unit in a desired room or area, plug in the power cord and flip the switch to begin smelling a crisp clean scent in minutes as the ozone begins destroying odor-causing bacteria and brings breathable clean air. This unit will easily cover rooms up to 300 sq. feet and can be run continuously if desired.

Both the OG 1 and OG-2 use no filters or plates to clean or replace.  Minimal maintenance required; just use your vacuum to remove dust from face vent as needed.  The ultraviolet lamp arc life provides 20,000 hours of hard-working results, while you enjoy a healthier odor-free environment.




The OG-1 and OG-2 ozone generators are both great options to purify the air and remove odors that may seem impossible to get out.  If you’ve felt like you couldn’t get rid of a smell, the ozone generator is the perfect tool for you.  Running either of these scent elimination machines over the course of a few hours can get rid of odor or mold that may be in the air.

While they may be banned in California, they can still be purchased and shipped elsewhere. There are many different types and sizes, so be sure to read up about them and make an education decision. Recon Outdoors smaller unit, the OG-1, can be used room-to-room, or a bigger one for an entire-house is available in the OG-2. Remember to read the user and safety manual before putting these to use in your home!

What You Need to Know About Trail Cameras

You use technology to your advantage in just about every aspect of your life. So why not use technology for advantages in your hunting game (pun intended)? Purchasing a trail camera, also known as a game camera, from Recon Outdoors can prove to be an asset for hunters looking to monitor signs of wildlife and other activity in certain areas. In many ways, the trail camera has become an essential piece of equipment for hunters, as it allows you to be better prepared before hitting the trails.

So once you’ve purchased your camera, what’s next? What are some key things to know about trail cameras and how they work?

Setup and placement

Recon HS410 High-Performance Hunting Trail Camera

After you buy a trail camera, the first thing you’ll want to do is take it out to your property and decide where you want to monitor activity. Most hunters choose to mount their trail cameras to trees once they’ve found the ideal location. We encourage you to take extra care on how you mount and secure your trail camera, however. Not only do you want to ensure it is safe from wildlife, but from theft by other hunters, as well. Once your trial camera is securely mounted in place, you can start testing how it works.

Detection sensors

Most game cameras, like the Recon HS410 High-Performance Hunting Trail Camera, operate with an automatic detection sensor rather than recording 24/7 and wasting valuable battery life and storage. This detection sensor tells the camera to start recording when it senses motion within 90 feet or less of the camera’s vicinity. Adjustable PIR Sensors and programmable LEDS provide advantages to capturing the perfect images of your game.

Storage of still photos and video footage

Purchasing a trail camera is the ideal solution for those who want to see what’s happening on their property when they can’t be there physically. Recon Outdoors’ HS410 trail camera accepts up to a 32GB SD card. This size card specifically allows over 11,000 photos at 8MP and approximately 10 hours of video storage.  This amount of information is sure to help any hunter determine the best time and place to position themselves to take their best shot at big game.

With so many options, features, and benefits available today, we want to assist you with making the best decision for your hunting needs. At Recon Outdoors, we offer multiple camera models at different price points, ensuring that we are satisfying the needs of our customers without breaking the bank. Have questions about which camera may be best for you? Give us a call at 866-647-3266 today and allow our friendly and knowledgeable staff to point you in the right direction.