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Earthquake Mineral & Vitamin Deer Attractant


Give nature a boost with our awarding winning deer attractant and nutritional products.  Earthquake® Mineral Attractant provides vital nutrients for does, fawn and bucks alike.  Formulated with vitamins, macro and trace minerals your herd will be healthier with larger bodies and antler growth.

We are so sure your deer will keep coming back for more, we offer a Money Back Guarantee!

  • Product Results and Features:
  • Formulated with vitamins, macro and trace minerals for a healthier herd
  • Calcium, Phosphorous and magnesium for promotion of body and antler growth
  • Herd testing reveals attractant will lasts up to 3 months before needing to be replaced
  • Lowest salt content in the industry
  • Mix into grains, feed, dirt or just spread over the ground
  • Includes Free Shipping
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Weight 9-25-45 lbs
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Earthquake Mineral Attractant is a quality deer vitamin supplement and attractant product developed by biologists, who also happened to be Military Veterans. Nestled in the hills of Middle Tennessee, this company brings the absolute highest level of nutrition and the lowest salt/sodium content to the market. Our recipe is simple, load our products with vitamins ADE and make it Calcium rich at 25.5% to bring you bigger racks, larger overall body mass and assist Does during their periods of gestation and lactation. We use a proprietary attractant that will bring deer from acres around and we have the State Record Class bucks to prove it!!


FREE on all orders, except for Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico

4 reviews for Earthquake Mineral & Vitamin Deer Attractant

  1. Tina Martinson, CEO of Recon Outdoors (verified owner)

    ​I have been intensely managing and avidly hunting my 200+ acre parcel for over 12 years. I have used a wide array of products and methods over the years to try and accomplish my goal of growing and harvesting big mature TN bucks on this property year in and year out. The past two seasons have easily the been the best myself and my two sons have had on our property in the time I’ve owned it. I can honestly say that the only real change in that time that I can put my finger on, is that’s when I began using Earthquake Mineral Attractant. Like most, I’ve always kind of used whatever was available and most convenient at the local Co-op or wherever I am buying deer mineral. Most of these products were high in salt and low in nutrition compared to Earthquake. Some of the other products worked ok, but nothing every really wowed me! The deer found my Earthquake sites almost immediately when I put them out in 2019, and as I said, that happened to end up being our best season at the farm to date. In 2020, I saw no reason to fix what wasn’t broken, but I did begin to top my mineral sites off with an Earthquake Block. Again, a steady year-round diet of good food plots and good mineral supplementation ended up with a few more mature bucks on the ground in the fall and topping our success in 2019! For me, simply put, the proof is in the pudding, and Earthquake will be my mineral supplement of choice from now on!

    — Jeremy P., Tennessee

  2. Tina Martinson, CEO of Recon Outdoors (verified owner)

    2020 was the first introduction of Earthquake Mineral Attractant to both my Indiana and Kentucky deer herds. This product surpassed my expectations by far! From watching fawn development, to antlers mature, I knew I had found the supplement I had been looking for. I must warn new users that the continuous activity at the mineral site will leave nothing short of a crater! I am extremely excited for another year’s worth of supplement adding to the health of my deer herd. If you want to increase herd health and antler growth, this product would be my recommendation!

    — Adam Saunders, Indiana

  3. Tina Martinson, CEO of Recon Outdoors (verified owner)

    EarthQuake – amazing!! That’s all you can say. I bought this stuff last week and put it out the other day. The same day I put it out I was lucky enough to meet these guys and ask them personally about their product. They told me to check the site in 48 hours. I thought they were full of it, but sure enough I checked it today and my memory card from my trail cam was completely full. The deer would not leave the EarthQuake site; four bucks and countless does. It speaks for itself. This stuff is great and I will continue to use it from now on.

    — Robert Reese, Kentucky

  4. Tina Martinson, CEO of Recon Outdoors (verified owner)

    What can I say besides it’s the best there is. I like a lot of folks have tried pretty much every mineral product on the market. Some with good results and some with not so good results. I can tell you without a doubt, earthquake mineral supplement/attractant is the best you can buy. Since using earthquake I have gotten more bucks pictures on trail cam than I ever have. Earthquakes blend is full of the things bucks need during antler development to help them stay healthy and reach their maximum potential. It’s also great for does nursing their fawns to keep them healthy during crucial times in the early stages of their life. So if you want a healthy deer herd and more bucks in front of your trail cam, then pick up a bag of Earthquake today and give it a try.

    — Aaron Ellis, Mossy Oak Pro-Staff Gamekeepers Southeast
    Scent-Lok Brand Ambassador, Mid TN Limbhangers Chapter NWTF Committee Member

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