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Earthquake Mineral & Vitamin Deer Attractant


Boost your whitetail’s diet and nutrition throughout the year with Earthquake® Mineral Attractants and Supplement. Provides vital nutrition to does during period of pregnancy and feeding of young to produce strong fawns.  For bucks this high-quality science based mixture will produce bigger racks and larger body masses giving them the vitamins necessary to grow.

  • Product Results and Features:
  • Produces Bigger Racks and Larger Body Mass in your herd
  • Backed By Science using a proprietary attractant for long-term smell
  • Developed by Military Veterans who were also biologists
  • Lowest salt content in the industry
  • May be mixed into grains, feed, dirt or just spread over the ground

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Weight9-24-50 lbs

Earthquake Mineral Attractant is a quality deer vitamin supplement and attractant product developed by biologists, who also happened to be Military Veterans. Nestled in the hills of Middle Tennessee, this company brings the absolute highest level of nutrition and the lowest salt/sodium content to the market. Our recipe is simple, load our products with vitamins ADE and make it Calcium rich at 25.5% to bring you bigger racks, larger overall body mass and assist Does during their periods of gestation and lactation. We use a proprietary attractant that will bring deer from acres around and we have the State Record Class bucks to prove it!!


FREE on all orders, except for Hawaii and Alaska.


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