About Us

Recon Outdoors 

The first company to product infrared trail cameras and still the best.  Recon Outdoors is committed to bringing the most innovative technology to trail cameras and accessories to give every hunter the advantage needed for success.

The History of Recon Outdoors

Engineering talent and technology at it’s best!!  The establishment of Recon Outdoors came about when infra-red technology crossed paths the passion for hunting.  One talented engineer saw the opportunity to apply infra-red (IR) technology to a product that he was currently using, digital trail cameras.  By removing the current white flash used in trail cameras and “applying infra-red technology” we can increase the amount of time we have to observe and record wildlife habits and patterns.

Recon Outdoors launched the first infra-red trail camera to consumers in 2004 and continue our commitment to quality and innovation today.

Recon Outdoors Commitment to our Customers

At Recon Outdoors we are committed to encouraging a reconnect to nature.  Whether you are an passive observer or a passionate hunter, we want to share with you our love for the outdoors.

We understand that our customers need the advantage of “not being seen” in order to capture images and movies of wildlife.

Our affordable, trail cameras are among the most reliable on the market today. Our superior technology includes under .75 second speeds, both glow and no-glow LED technology all at affordable pricing. Our products are tested in environmental chambers to mock all climates and temperatures.  Then placed under stress-testing to ensure that you have a product that lasts.

We are so sure of the quality of our trail cameras that we provide a two-year warranty, the best the industry has to offer.

Why Choose Recon Outdoors?

Clients from around the world cannot all be wrong.  Recon Outdoors provides cameras to government and private industry, as well as academic institutions who all rely on our products to capture human and wildlife activities.