Meets my needs perfectly

I mainly purchased this product for surveillance of the two legged kind vs. the four legged. This unit is in a small package and is built very solid. It is a 5, 8 or 12 mega pixel camera which give me very nice picture that I’m able to zoom in on without the picture becoming blurry. On one occasion I was even able to zoom in on a uniform and ID the person from their badge name and number. The IR flash is very powerful and in fact in some instances may even be too powerful. When used in an area with not much depth I needed to place the IR selector switch, which allows for only the top 19 LEDs to be used.

The video portion of this camera works as advertised. Very clear picture day and night but again need to watch the IR’s in small places for over exposure. The sound quality and sensitivity is outstanding. Able to hear conversation well outside the video area.

I give this product a 5 star rating because it was built for watching game, outdoors and it does exactly what it is suppose to do. I’m using it for something it wasn’t intended to be used for and with a little practice was able to adjust it to meet my needs perfectly.

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