Author: Tina Martinson, CEO of Recon Outdoors

Tina Martinson is the owner and CEO of Recon Outdoors. Tina's passion for hunting and the outdoors is the driving force behind the business and the high-quality hunting equipment it supplies to avid hunters.

Calling All Bucks: How & When to Use a Buck Grunt Call

Do you use buck grunts early in deer hunting season? This is a question we posed to our readers in 2017 and we discovered that over 85% of our readers use buck grunts throughout their entire hunting season. We love to hear that so many of our customers are choosing to take advantage of the… Read more »

Essential Buck Grunt Call Features for Deer Hunting

Many people make the mistake of thinking if you’re skilled at tracking game and shooting accurately, you’re bound to have a successful whitetail deer hunting trip every time. While that would be nice, there’s a little bit more involved with this sport. In addition to a quality firearm, good hunters are always armed with patience… Read more »

How to Get More Whitetail Bone Growth

Antlers!!  This is what we all want to see and the bigger, the better. According to the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA), antlers are the most talked about, researched, and recognized characteristic of whitetail deer.  Hunters spend countless dollars each year to aide in the bone growth of resident deer to grow larger bodies and… Read more »

Bow Up this Season

Whether you are a seasoned bow hunter or just getting started, you can’t go wrong with this list of tried and trusted 2019 bow hunting gear.  The companies listed below understand what hunters need out in the field and produce high-quality products to accommodate. After thorough testing conducted by our own CEO here at Recon… Read more »

Can an Ozone Generator be used for Scent Elimination?

Unfortunately, there is no escaping odors and allergens in your home. They can be caused from moisture, mold, pollen, pets, smoke—the list goes on and on!  There are thousands of bacteria that cause odors, and moisture makes it much worse, bringing about mold and mildew that can cause any homeowner damage. You could pay thousands… Read more »