Author: Recon Outdoors

Christmas Gift Ideas for Hunters: Our Top Picks

Have an avid hunter on your holiday shopping list this year? It’s never too late to stock up on all their must-have favorites for out in the field! As you continue your hunt for the perfect gift (pun intended), consider some of our top suggestions based on the high-quality, tested and trusted hunting equipment available… Read more »

Preparing Venison the Right Way

One of the best parts of hunting whitetail deer is being able to enjoy the venison afterward. Deer are not raised on a ranch somewhere, pumped full of antibiotics and hormones like some of the meats you find in your local grocery store. They are free-ranging herbivores that consume natural plants, grass, berries, acorns, and… Read more »

5 Reasons Women Should Hunt

Anyone out there recall the 1950s film, Annie Get Your Gun? Maybe this line will jog your memory: “Anything you can do, I can do better; I can do anything better than you.” The performance of this song was a pivotal moment in the film in which the characters of Annie Oakley and Frank Butler… Read more »

Different Features of Trail Cameras

Choosing which trail camera you need is no easy task considering the market is flooded with everything from a basic picture-taking camera to cellular cameras. Recon Outdoors has been manufacturing trail cameras since 2004 and we want to help clarify which features are important to keep in mind, such as motion detection, resolution, distance, sharpness,… Read more »

What You Need to Know About Trail Cameras

You use technology to your advantage in just about every aspect of your life. So why not use technology for advantages in your hunting game (pun intended)? Purchasing a trail camera, also known as a game camera, from Recon Outdoors can prove to be an asset for hunters looking to monitor signs of wildlife and… Read more »